Mother’s Day 2018

“Wonder” Movie Review


In WONDER, August “Auggie” Pullman is about to start fifth grade, marking his first time at a school with other kids, rather than learning at home from his mom, Isabel who is played ny Julia Roberts in the film. That would be plenty nerve-wracking on its own, but Auggie has more to worry about than the average new middle schooler, Born with a genetic abnormality, he has a significant facial difference. Twenty-plus surgeries in his short life have left him able to hear, see, and speak like other kids, but he definitely doesn’t look like them. And since he can’t wear his beloved astronaut helmet all day at school, he has to face them all in person and show the face he is so greatly self concious of . It’s far from easy; kids call him names like “Darth Hideous,” “Gollum” and say hurtful comments like “if I looked like him, I would kill myself”, and bully him, and even his parents can’t talk away the hurt. But Auggie isn’t the only one facing challenges: His older sister, Via , feels like their parents barely pay attention to her because Auggie needs so much from them. Via’s long term friend Miranda suddenly became distant and no longer wanted to be friends with Via and that added to her feeling of isolation and sadness.  Auggie’s new friend, Jack Will  genuinely likes him but doesn’t know how to speak up for him in school. Via’s former best friend. Even bully Julian has his own problems. As Auggie navigates his first year of school, he and all the people around him learn to think more of others and find happiness inside themselves.



Over all this movie, shows so much acceptance, kindness, and the power of friendship. I feel any person of any age group can appreciate this movie, it shows the inner battles people face in everyday life, It teaches kindness to others that may not look like you, it teaches understanding and acceptance. This movie shows the journey of a young boy who may have looked a little different than the kid next to him but had the courage to stand up, be seen and change the lives of so many around him. I highly recommend this movie to anyone, it will change your life.

XO Torye 

Dear TeaTime Family,

This is place I come to vent my random thoughts, I probably thought of while laying in bed wide awake at 3am.

like…. How tall was Jesus? I wonder how many individual hairs I have on my head? random right? I know!!

I think non stop everyday! I am person that dosen’t have what you would call a “passion” or a “life long dream”. I simply think of things I “might” like to do with my life.

I try to think what will support my lifestyle. what will make me happy. I always end up blank minded and all my questions still unanswered.

Every now and then I suffer a euphony, & say I wanna be a doctor, (but I don’t like blood) ! so that thought goes away, then I think maybe I’ll be a pharmacist, but then I think that will be kind of boring, I don’t wanna be bored everyday of my life.

My point is just because you don’t have “calling”, dosent mean your worthless. You use your plus’s to make a dream you never knew you had. You light a fire inside of you that had been dim your whole life.

Never be scared to try something, the only plans that never work are the ones thats never tried. YOU ARE A PHENOMENAL WOMAN, YOU ARE A PHENOMENAL MAN.


XO Torye

|My Curly Hair Regimen|

For all you curly hair babes, If your like me it is the struggle to find products that reduce the frizz & define your curls without making your hair feel “crunchy” or “cakey”.

I have discovered this regimen which has changed my life, my curly hair is longer a “burden” to my life.

These are the 3 products needed:

(All can be bought from Target or Mixed Chicks website directly)

  1. Biolage Leave-in Conditioner $17.00
  2. Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner $16.39
  3. Mixed Chicks “Morning After Foam” $14.99



First Step: Wash your hair with your Shampoo & Conditioner of choice. ( I use the new Dove Ultra Moisture)

Second Step: Wrap hair in towel for about 5 minutes, so the hair isn’t soaking wet while trying to apply the products.

Third Step: Apply the Biolage Leave-in throughout the hair , this really is healthy on the hair plus it smells wonderful.


Fourth step: Put a generous amount of the Mixed Chicks Leave-in, in the palm of your hand, then rub through out hair. Repeat this about 3 times or until you have gotten all of your hair.


Fifth Step: Let air dry and your hair will fluff out, without the “crunchy” or “cakey” feel.

The Mixed Chicks “Morning After Foam” is for the morning after like it says. Lets say you put your hair in a bun and went to sleep, you wake up and you hair is stiff and dry just get about 4 pumps of the foam and apply throughout. Your hair will be moisturized and bouncy once again.



This is the Day after Wash and Applying the morning after foam: