Dear TeaTime Family,

This is place I come to vent my random thoughts, I probably thought of while laying in bed wide awake at 3am.

like…. How tall was Jesus? I wonder how many individual hairs I have on my head? random right? I know!!

I think non stop everyday! I am person that dosen’t have what you would call a “passion” or a “life long dream”. I simply think of things I “might” like to do with my life.

I try to think what will support my lifestyle. what will make me happy. I always end up blank minded and all my questions still unanswered.

Every now and then I suffer a euphony, & say I wanna be a doctor, (but I don’t like blood) ! so that thought goes away, then I think maybe I’ll be a pharmacist, but then I think that will be kind of boring, I don’t wanna be bored everyday of my life.

My point is just because you don’t have “calling”, dosent mean your worthless. You use your plus’s to make a dream you never knew you had. You light a fire inside of you that had been dim your whole life.

Never be scared to try something, the only plans that never work are the ones thats never tried. YOU ARE A PHENOMENAL WOMAN, YOU ARE A PHENOMENAL MAN.


XO Torye

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