|4 Reasons Why Zara Is Life|

My shopping tendacies are very strange. I hate going into stores. I hate spending a lot of money. I hate poor quality. This  is why Zara is the perfect store for me, and YOU, and everybody we know. Zara makes sure to still keep its European flavor along with US trends. Zara is two steps ahead of everyone else, and not only is Zara leading the way, Their changing the face of what we perceive from High Street Brand.


Both trendy and timeless, Zara is for girls who like fashion but loathe recyclable trends. Zara’s Wardrobe is built off of hero pieces, and trend items are treated as cheap and transient. It’s a formula that works, especially for more thrifty customers like myself. So if all other stores went into into liquidation tomorrow, and stopped doing business, I would just shrug and get on with it. Because all I need in my life is a little Zara.



Here’s Why:

  1. Zara;s online store blows everyone else’s out of the water. Since it adopted the street style of shooting.
  2. Zara is affordable. I know some might not think so but consider this: I bought a leather jacket there for $239, Thats about a quarter go the price you’d pay for a designer leather jacket. I wear the jacket ALL the time, and it’s great quality
  3. Sure, Zara has it fair share of nylon and polyester but those pieces generally cost less than $40. They have a huge range of real wool, silk, and leather products, as well as “Handmade ” pieces. Zara’s clothes last far longer than their low prices would imply, So for the quality -to-price ratio you’re always winning.
  4. I can’t express enough how I hate going into stores, and how it stresses me out. NO matter how busy, Zara is always bearable. Maybe its because of the staff, with their secret agent ear pieces, know whats up. They run the shop like a well oiled machine. Everything is clean and organized ( IN SIZE ORDER) and the best part is they don’t pump techno music.


XO Torye

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